Repairs and Renovations

Pond Renovate

Renovate Your Water Feature

Just Add Water can build a brand new water garden or we can renovate your existing water feature.  Renovations can be as simple as adding LED night lighting or making a small repair, or as large as building you an entire new water feature.

Renovations Could Include

  • Divide or add water plants to increase filtration of your ecosystem pond
  • Adding fish such as koi
  • Install LED lights
  • Building a new waterfall or stream
  • Renovate existing waterfall or stream
  • Improve algae control with an Ion Gen Filter
  • Increase filtration with an Aquascape biofall or wetland filter
  • Install a skimmer, negative edge, or intake bay to improve mechanical filtration
  • Change stone type or size in water feature
  • Increase size or depth of pond
  • Renovate stream shape or length
  • Install bubbling rock or fountainscape into the pond or pondless waterfall
  • Add viewing/fish feeding stone or stones
  • Adding a crossing such as a bridge or stepping stones.
  • Improve water circulation by adding jet pump or another pump

Repairs Could Include

Nobody wants to have a water feature that needs to be repaired but more importantly no one wants to have a damaged or leaking water feature.  Just Add Water is here to help! We have extensive knowledge about fountains, ecosystem ponds, and pondless waterfalls and have developed a great system to find problems in your system.

  • Replace or repair plumbing line
  • Repair skimmer and biofall liner connections
  • Leak detection in water feature
  • Solve winter settling issues
  • Upgrade lights to LED lighting with 5 year warranty
  • Patching stream and pond liner
  • Correct auto-fill issues

Let Just Add Water Renovate Your Water Garden

Water garden renovations account for over 50% of the work at Just Add Water.   Just Add Water can evaluate your existing water garden and make suggestions on renovations you can make to the system to improve your water feature or they can help you design a new one.


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