Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

 Keeps Your Pond Healthier

One of the the best ways to keep your pond’s or any water feature’s maintenance down is by doing an annual cleaning. We recommend this practice to all of our clients. We offer three different pond cleaning services but if you were only going to do one it should be the Spring Clean-Out mention below.

These pond cleaning services are important to your water feature’s health. The best way to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do on your pond or water feature is to keep it healthy. A healthy pond’s ecosystem will take care of its self. The key to having your ecosystem pond healthy is a good balance of the most important factors to your pond. These factors are Mechanical and Biological Filters,
Pumps and Plumbing, Rocks and Gravel, Aquatic Plants, and Fish. In our Spring Clean-Out process listed below you can see that all five of these are addressed, this starts your pond off right!

Spring Clean-Out

Whether you have an ecosystem pond, pondless waterfall, or fountain, the Spring Clean Out prepares your water feature for the season.  While Mother Nature accomplishes this process with thawing snow and spring rains in our natural bodies of water, this has to be done manually in your water features. This process is dirty but necessary task that should be done annually to promote ecosystem growth in your pond and have a cleaner water feature.

Pond Cleaning

Just Add Water crew Cleaning out a pond.

Just Add Water hosts a couple of classes each spring to teach homeowners how to do water feature maintenance and the spring clean out on their own. To learn more about the spring clean out process or the classes that we offer contact us.

Our Spring Clean-Out Process

  • Turn the system on to do a complete inspection
  • Drain the pond, move fish to aerated containers
  • Remove solid debris from the water feature
  • Flush plumbing lines and clean filters/skimmers
  • Power wash boulders and clean gravel
  • Reset any boulders that have moved
  • Replace underwater light bulbs as needed
  • Split and fertilize water plants as needed
  • Install submerged annual plants
  • Clean and install filter media
  • Connect pump
  • Fill pond
  • Reintroduce fish and add Pond Detox
  • Add spring water treatments
  • Deliver water treatment package

Fall Service

Fall service is a mid season pond cleaning service that keeps your feature looking great through the rest of the season.

  • Inspect entire water feature
  • Preform 50% water change.
  • Remove debris from pond floor
  • Divide water plants( if requested)
  • Clean filter material
  • Net water feature (if requested)
  • Deliver fall product (fall fish food, Cold water bacteria)

Winter Shutdown 

This is the last pond cleaning service of the year. We set your pond up so you are ready to over winter.

  • Remove and store pumps
  • Insure water line is drained
  • Cut back lilies and service other water plants
  • Remove leaves and debris from pond
  • Pull, clean, and store skimmer nets/baskets
  • Pull, clean, and store skimmer and biofall mats
  • Install heater
  • Install over wintering pump

Please contact us for more information on winter shutdown and our water feature maintenance services.

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