Pond Tour: Just Add Water’s Spring Tour

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Pond Tour Join Just Add Water for an afternoon of touring beautiful backyard water features in the Urbandale/Clive Area. If beautiful backyard waterscapes, cascading waterfalls and gorgeous natural ponds peak your interest, you won’t want to miss this fun-filled event. Just Add Water is hosting a pond tour on Sunday, June 5, 2016, from 2:00 p.m. Read More

Spring Clean Out : Start Your Pond off Right!

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Spring Clean out Spring is almost here! It is getting warmer out and we are getting excited! I’m sure many have already made a list of things they want to accomplish once its nice outside. Is your pond or water feature on the list? A spring clean out  is one of the best ways to make Read More

Home Show: Come See Our Booth

2016 Home Show Hoppy and the Just Add Water guys will be at the 2016 Des Moines Home and Garden Show. We will be near the big display gardens under Vets’ Auditorium, our booth number is 1622. The show is February 11-14, 2016. Come see us! Last year was Hoppy’s first year at the Home show, Read More

Backyard Waterfall:Low Maintenance Water Feature

Backyard Waterfall Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful sights on earth. If you go on any vacation you can find a waterfall that will take your breath away, why not have your very own backyard waterfall? A pondless waterfall can be put anywhere in your yard. The best place is near a patio or Read More

Mosquitoes Probably Don’t Like Your Pond

Mosquitoes Probably Don’t Like Your Pond If you have a water garden, your neighbors may be looking at your watery paradise with suspicion, wondering whether mosquitoes were having a family reunion, laying eggs, and gathering near your waterfall. Or maybe you’re thinking about adding a water feature to your landscape plan and are worried that Read More

Backyard Pond: Myths

Backyard Pond Myths Your pond should be at the lowest part of your yard. When it rains all the runoff from your house and yard go to that lowest spot. This makes that spot a very poor option because the runoff will go into your pond and have negative effects on your pond’s ecosystem. The Read More

Automatic Dosing System: Lower Your Maintenance

Automatic Dosing System We are very excited about the new product from Aquascape. The automatic dosing system is a great way to lower the maintenance to ALL water features. The automatic dosing system works on great on ponds as well as fountains and pondless waterfalls. In order for water treatments to work well or to Read More

Aquatic Plants for Your Water Garden

Aquatic Plants for Your Water Garden Most will agree that a backyard is not complete until the right plants are in the ground. The same goes for a pond, aquatic plants are  important elements  for establishing a balanced aquatic ecosystem. There are different types of aquatic plants some are floaters, some submerged, some (called marginals) Read More

Ion Gen: Water Clarifier

Ion Gen The Ion Gen second-generation electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and other decorative water features drastically reduces maintenance caused by algae without the use of chemicals. The new Ion Gen is simple to install, safe for fish and plants, not toxic to any animals that may drink from the water feature, and Read More

LED Lights for Your Pond

Pond tours pond central

LED Lighting for your Pond Adding LED Lights to your landscape is a great way for creating beautiful, night time focal points in water gardens or traditional landscapes.  The lights that we use are Aquascape’s LED lights. Their small shape and design make them very easy to install in ponds and hide even in the smallest areas. These Read More

Fish Questions and Answers

Fish For Your Pond There is a wide variety of fish that van be kept in your pond. The most common fish for a backyard pond are Koi and goldfish.  When you have fish you have questions. Here are some of the more frequent questions we get and their answers. Q. Do fish increase the Read More